Isopro 1,5 kg (TRM)
Isopro 1,5 kg (TRM)
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ISOPRO - Chloride + Sodium + Calcium + Potassium + Magnesium

Elektrolyyttivalmiste hevosille. Isopro on päivittäiseen käyttöön tarkoitettu lisärehu hikoilusta aiheutuvan elektrolyyttivajeen korjaamiseen sekä palautumiseen.

Käyttöohje: 60 g/päivä (1 mitta = 60 g)

Isopro annostellaan normaalin rehuannoksen sekaan. Vettä oltava saatavilla kokoajan.

High work intensities can increase heat production 40 to 60 times over that of basal metabolism. Heat production of this magnitude can limit performance. The major pathway for heat dispersion in the horse is sweat loss. Sweating results in the loss of not only water but also essential electrolytes. If these losses are not replaced, metabolic imbalances may result in a lactic acid build up, ‘tying up’ syndrome, dehydration and decreased performance., therefore The replacement of electrolytes after sweating is essential.

ISOPRO is naturally flavoured with aniseed, which is highly palatable to the horse.

Feeding Instructions

  • Horses in training: Feed 60g per day.

Fresh drinking water should be available at all times.

  • ISOPRO is a Concentrated, Scientifically Formulated and Cost Effective Electrolyte Supplement.
  • ISOPRO is an isotonic formulation of essential electrolytes.
  • ISOPRO is a cost effective electrolyte, ideal for large training yards.
  • ISOPRO is naturally flavoured with aniseed, which is highly palatable to the horse.

How do electrolytes help your horse’s performance?


Fundamental for muscle contraction, nerve and cellular function and osmotic movement into and out of cells.


Has a synergistic relationship with Sodium in it’s involvement in osmotic regulation of the cell and nerve and muscle contraction.


Involved along with Sodium and Potassium in the acid/base balance maintenance of cells. Chloride is critical in proper kidney function.


Involved in cell membrane function, blood coagulation and neuromuscular functions.


Essential for muscle contraction and energy production.


Acts as a ‘buffer’ helping to prevent a build-up of lactic acid.


Improves absorption of negatively charged electrolytes.


Helps re-establish an isotonic balance.

Nutritional Composition




Calcium Carbonate 24%, Sodium Chloride 20%, Dextrose 17.18%, Potassium Chloride 16%, Sodium Bicarbonate 12%, Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate 4.8%





per 60g

per 1kg

Citric Acid

2,400 mg

40,000 mg

Silicic Acid, Precipitated and Dried

1,200 mg

20,000 mg




Analytical Constituents:



Crude Protein 0.19%, Crude Oil <0.5%, Crude Ash 69%, Crude Fibre <0.1%, Sodium 11.15%, Chloride 19.74%, Potassium 8.39%, Calcium 9.61%, Magnesium 0.48%.

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